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5 Reasons Why DIY E Liquid is Better than Pre-mixed

Tue 26 Apr 2016

No. 1: Cost

This is probably the main reason why vapers choose to make their own e liquid. A 30ml bottle of premium e liquid can cost over £15. Whereas the same amount of DIY e liquid can cost under £1.50. Also, the vast majority of e liquid companies charge the same amount for a bottle at 3mg as they do for a bottle at 18mg. With DIY, the lower the nicotine, the lower the cost.

No. 2: Customize Flavours

Fancy a blueberry bacon flavour? We’re fairly certain that no e liquid company in the world makes this. So the only way you can get it is with DIY.

No. 3: Choose the PG/VG Ratio

High VG e liquids are becoming more popular. Maybe your favourite flavour is now available in max VG only? But what if you prefer 50/50, 60/40 or 100% PG? With DIY the choice is yours.

No. 4: Availability

Have you ever been sat waiting anxiously for the postman because you’re down to your last 2ml, praying that the order you made yesterday will arrive today? Most vapers know what that feels like. However, many DIY vapers have flavour concentrates, nicotine, VG and PG on hand. This means never running out of e liquid.

No. 5: Make as Much as you Want

A lot of vapers, particularly sub ohm vapers, prefer having larger bottles of e liquid. Yes, large bottles of pre-mixed are available now, but after May 2017 this will all change. TPD regulations will mean that any nicotine containing e liquid will be limited to 10ml bottles. Whereas DIY vapers will still be free to make as much or as little as they want.

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