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Guide to Mixing with Vapercrew Flavour Concentrates

Wed 4 Jan 2017

Worcestershire based Vapercrew have had a meteoric rise since being founded by Matthew Morris is 2014. Their range of high quality e liquids has made them a must-have British brand for retailers and their dedication to quality is outstanding.

Vapercrew’s ethos is ‘Made Great in Britain’, which pretty much sums up the company and their passion for creating great flavours with the branding and quality to back it up.

Vapercrew decided to release concentrates to allow their fans to create their own signature flavours in the way they wanted. When ELFC was founded, Vapercrew was one of the brands we launched with, so we thought that it’s about time that we wrote this guide to mixing with their concentrates.

How much flavour concentrate should you use?

To replicate Vapercrew’s pre-mixed e liquid, the company suggests a mix percentage of 20%. However, as with all flavour concentrates, how much you use is entirely down to your preference. Some like a very strong flavour, others prefer a more mellow vape so choose to use less concentrate. It’s also worth remembering that the flavour experience you get can have a lot to do with the atomizer you are using.

What PG/VG ratio do we suggest?

As with the amount of flavour concentrate you use, the PG/VG ratio is entirely your choice. This can depend of your preference, what kind of tank/rda you are using and what wattage you are vaping at. But if you want to replicate the standard Vapercrew blends, you have the choice of either 50VG/50PG or 80VG/20PG. You can use our DIY calculator to come up with your perfect recipe.

How long should e liquids be left to steep?

Vapercrew have a range of different flavours with various recommended steep times. Fruity menthol flavours like The Godfather and Sunny Malone have very short steep times, and are pretty much good to go straight after mixing (just make sure you give the bottle a good shake first). Others such as Bugsy Bootleg and The Copacabana use flavours such as custard and caramel, which require a much longer steep time (2 weeks minimum). All of the flavour concentrates we stock here at ELFC have a recommended steep time in the product description.

Some Vapercrew Recipes:

10ml DIY E Liquid Recipe 50VG/50PG 12mg

Vapercrew Flavour Concentrate: 2ml

72mg Nicotine Concentrate in VG: 1.7ml

Propylene Glycol: 3ml

Vegetable Glycerine: 3.3ml

30ml DIY E Liquid Recipe 50VG/50PG 6mg

Vapercrew Flavour Concentrate: 6ml

72mg Nicotine Concentrate in VG: 2.5ml

Propylene Glycol: 9ml

Vegetable Glycerine: 12.5ml

60ml DIY E Liquid Recipe 80VG/20PG 3mg

Vapercrew Flavour Concentrate: 12ml

72mg Nicotine Concentrate in VG: 2.5ml

Propylene Glycol: 0ml

Vegetable Glycerine: 45.5ml

100ml DIY E Liquid Recipe 50VG/50PG 1.5mg

Vapercrew Flavour Concentrate: 20ml

72mg Nicotine Concentrate in VG: 2.1ml

Propylene Glycol: 0ml

Vegetable Glycerine: 76.9ml

You can check out the entire Vapercrew flavour concentrate range here.

If you have any questions about mixing with Vapercrew flavour concentrates, feel free to get in touch at

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