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ELFC Welcomes FlavourArt!

ELFC Welcomes FlavourArt!

ELFC is all about DIY e liquid. Up until now, we have focused solely on blended (one shot) flavour concentrates. However, we know that a lot of DIY vapers enjoy creating their own flavour blends, and we have been searching for the right brand to provide our customers with high quality basic flavourings.

We chose FlavourArt. We were impressed by the company's dedication to quality and safety, their values and their backstory.

You will now be able to choose from over 60 FlavourArt flavour concentrates to create your own e liquid recipes!

FlavourArt concentrates offer excellent value for money. Most cost just £2.99 and have a low recommended mix percentage of 5-7%.

You can now create flavours using a wide range or tobacco, fruity, creamy, sweet, custard, nutty and minty concentrates.

We will soon be offering a guide to mixing with FlavourArt concentrates, as well as a selection of recipes for you to try at home.

Check out the full range of FlavourArt concentrates here. Happy mixing!