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Berry Fruits

Berry fruit flavours are one of the top choices for vapers. Some of our most popular flavours such as Heisenberg, Red Astaire and Anarchy have berry fruits at the heart of their recipes. If you're looking for blueberry, strawberry, blackberry or any other berry flavour concentrate, ELFC has you covered with this wide range of e liquid flavours.

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Alkaline Rise Flavour Concentrate by Drip Hacks

Kiwi, Lime, Woodland Fruits, Strawberry

Anarchy Flavour Concentrate by Punk Juice

Mixed Berries, Menthol, Bubblegum

Arctic Fruit Flavour Concentrate by Vampire Vape

Wild Berries, Aniseed, Ice

Beezlebub Flavour Concentrate by El Diablo

Blackcurrant, Raspberry, Blueberry, Apple

Berry Blast Flavour Concentrate by Dinner Lady

Cherry, Raspberry, Blueberry

Berry Burst Flavour Concentrate by Just Juice

Blackberry, Blueberry, Strawberry

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