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DIY Mixing Guide

Some vapers are put off making their own e-liquid because they think it’s difficult or complicated. Well, we’re here to explain how simple it actually is, and why making your own e-liquid can benefit your vaping experience and your wallet!

E-liquid is made up of only 4 ingredients: Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Nicotine and Flavouring. ELFC sells all of these products. We also sell DIY kits which contain everything you need to get started.

Most vapers who make their own e-liquid do so for two main reasons: Cost and customization. The average cost of a 10ml bottle of e-liquid in the UK is around £4 (this price is likely to rise following the implementation of the TPD), whereas 10ml of DIY e-liquid can cost less than 50p! And if you’re favourite e-liquid is only available in 12mg and 18mg strength, but you’d prefer 15mg, then the only way you get this strength is by making it yourself.

Also, pre-mixed e-liquid will soon be available in 10ml bottles only (another TPD regulation), some vapers will find this inconvenient, but the DIY vaper can make as much or as little e-liquid as they like. (Find out more about e-cigarette regulation in our TPD guide).

The first thing you need to decide is what nicotine strength you want. Our advice is that new vapers should use 8-12mg if they smoke around 10 cigarettes per day, 12-16mg if they smoke around 15 cigarettes per day, and 16-20mg if they smoke 20 or more cigarettes per day. Also, we advise that those vapers using low resistance, high wattage devices should use no more than 6mg.

The second thing to decide is what PG/VG blend you want. As a general rule, high PG e-liquids have more flavour and a stronger ‘throat hit’, and high VG e-liquids produce more vapour. We advise that new vapers go for a 50-70% PG e-liquid. Also, some tanks designed to be used at low wattages will not work correctly with high VG e-liquids, similarly some tanks and RTAs designed to be used at high wattages will not work correctly with high PG e-liquids.

Once these two things are decided, simply input the details into our DIY Calculator to create your e-liquid recipe. The recipe will tell you exactly how much of what ingredient to use. It really is that easy.

When you have made your e-liquid, give the bottle a good shake to mix all the ingredients together.

Steeping E-Liquid:
Steeping is letting an e-liquid sit away from sunlight for a period of time to allow the flavour to develop and mature. Fruity and menthol/mint flavours do not require steeping and should be good to vape straight away. Sweet and tobacco flavours usually take around 3 days to steep. Creamy and custard flavours may take up to 3 weeks to fully steep and mature. E-liquids may change colour when steeping, this is normal.

Storing E-Liquid and Supplies:
E-liquid, PG, VG, flavour concentrates and nicotine concentrate should be stored away from sunlight at room temperature. All DIY products should be consumed within two years of purchase.

Nicotine concentrate is potentially dangerous and should be handled with care. Keep away from from animals and small children and always dilute before vaping. If you suffer any negative health effects from inhaling nicotine, seek advice from a medical professional. Anyone who has ingested nicotine containing liquid should seek medical attention immediately.

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