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Beginners Guide to Temperature Control

Beginners Guide to Temperature Control thumbnail

Fri 6 May 2016

Most modern mods have temperature control functions, but it is still a relatively new technology in the vaping industry.


Many experienced vapers don’t like temperature control, they consider it to be complex and unnecessary. However, there are plenty of vapers who welcome the advantages of the technology. It really does divide the crowd.


If you’re new to vaping or to temperature control, this guide will hopefully help you to decide whether to try it out or leave it well alone.


First of all, what is temperature control?

Temperature control is when your mod can maintain the temperature of a coil by increasing or decreasing the applied wattage/voltage.


How do I use temperature control?

Temperature control only works with certain types of wire. Your coil must be made from nickel 200, titanium 1 or 316 stainless steel to take advantage of the temperature control functions on most mods. Other types of wire can be used when the user inputs TCR values (we’ll get to that).


What are the advantages of temperature control?

The main advantage of temperature control is avoiding dry hits. The mod can sense when there is no liquid on the coil and will decrease the power. Also, it is claimed that temperature control can improve battery life. However, users of some mods claim that it has the opposite effect.


What are the disadvantages of temperature control?

Temperature control can be frustrating because it is new technology and different mod makers implement temperature control in different ways. Users claim that a 400F setting on one mods vapes differently to a 400F setting on another. Also, temperature control coils cannot be dry burned (except stainless steel that can be used in both wattage and temperature control modes), which means that a coil cannot be tested for hot spots before use.


Can kanthal coils be used for temperature control?



Why can I lock the resistance of the coil?

Temperature control coils are made from wire with very low resistance. Unlike kanthal, when they are heated up the resistance can change dramatically. If you choose to lock the resistance of your coil, you will get a more consistent vaping experience. Leaving it unlocked will result in more temperature accuracy.


What are TCR values?

Each type of wire used for temperature control reacts differently when heated. Put simply, a TCR value is a number based on this reaction. To use a wire other than those specified by your mod, you will need to input these values (providing that the mod you’re using allows you to do this).



If you would like any more information about temperature control or anything else vaping related, feel free to get in touch at info@eliquidflavourconcentrates.co.uk.

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