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Pros and Cons of Sub Ohm Vaping

Pros and Cons of Sub Ohm Vaping thumbnail

Thu 9 Feb 2017

It was only a few years ago that direct lung, sub ohm vaping was a niche part of the expanding vaping culture open only to those with an RDA and a mechanical mod. Oh how things have changed…


When the original Aspire Atlantis tank was released back in 2014 it marked a sea change in the world of vaping. It showed that producing large clouds of vapour was no longer just for the hobbyist, and it kicked off the mass market sub ohm trend.


Nowadays, almost everything released from the big manufacturers is aimed at the sub ohm market. If a mod can’t produce more than 70 watts it is considered obsolete, and it seems like a new sub ohm tank is released every other day.


There’s no doubt that sub ohm vaping has taken over. Even many so called ‘starter kits’ are now open airflow, low resistance devices with the ability to fill a person's livingroom with thick fog.


But is sub ohm vaping really a good thing? We decided to take a look with some pros and cons.


Pro: Better flavour


Here’s the theory: If you inhale more vapour, then you’ll get better flavour simply because there’s more of it. Many sub ohm vapers consider this to be true, but there is a counterargument from diehard mouth to lung vapers, which goes a bit like this….


Con: Worse flavour


Here’s another theory: You taste things in with your tongue (which is in your mouth incase you were wondering) and not your lungs. Therefore, inhaling vapour into your mouth and not your lungs should result in better flavour. The flavour argument divides the mouth to lung and direct lung crowds, so you’ll just have to make up your own mind.


Pro: Bigger clouds


Some vapers just enjoy producing large amounts of vapour. It’s just one of those things and it’s hard to make a rational argument supporting it. Nevertheless, you’re not going to be winning an cloud competitions vaping at 7 watts with a tight airflow. So if you like big clouds, sub ohm is the only way to go.


Con: Going through more e liquid


One of the major problems with sub ohm vaping is the sheer amount of e liquid being consumed. It’s not uncommon now for vapers to be going through 30ml, 40ml or even 50ml of e liquid everyday. This was unheard of just a couple of years ago. The problem with going through that much e liquid is clearly cost. Although many sub ohm vapers prefer DIY e liquid to cut down on the juice bills.


Pro: More choice of hardware


Given the popularity of sub ohm vaping, it’s no surprise that almost all of the big manufacturers have started to concentrate on this part of the market. If you’re someone who enjoys big clouds and a lot of airflow, then there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to mods, sub ohm tanks, RTAs, RDTAs and drippers.


Con: Safety


Taking safety seriously is important whether you’re vaping at 7 watts or 100 watts. However, there is an increased risk of safety issues when vaping at high wattages. Putting batteries under stress can cause failure, so it’s essential than you understand ohm's law and what your batteries are capable of.


Pro: A smoother vape


It’s common practise to lower the nicotine level in your e liquid as you vape at higher wattages. It’s also common to use e liquid made with a high percentage of VG as opposed to PG. Nicotine and PG are responsible for a strong throat hit, so using less is going to result in a smoother vape.


Con: Less throat hit


Like we said, sub ohm vaping is generally smoother than mouth to lung. However, many vapers still crave and enjoy a strong throat hit, which is why many choose not to use sub ohm devices. If you’re someone who wants their vaping set-up to replicate the sensation of smoking a tobacco cigarette, then sub ohm vaping may not be for you.


Pro: Using “fancy” coils


2016 was a big year for so called “fancy” coils such as claptons, aliens and juggernauts. These coils aren’t really designed to work with low wattage, mouth to lung set-ups. So if you fancy giving them a try, then you’ll need a sub ohm atomizer.


Con: Less battery life


The combination of low resistance coils and high wattage is a recipe for a low battery life. You’ll have to decide if carrying spare batteries and having to charge your mod throughout the day is a price worth paying to vape sub ohm.


If you have any questions about sub ohm vaping, feel free to get in touch at info@eliquidflavourconcentrates.co.uk


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