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Could Vaping Regulations Be Relaxed in the UK?

Could Vaping Regulations Be Relaxed in the UK? thumbnail

Fri 24 Aug 2018

Since the advent of the dreaded TPD rules in 2017 in the UK  we have had to labour under heavy vaping restrictions such as maximum tank capacity of 2ml or a maximum nic strength or packaging requirements and restrictions of vaping in or around public spaces and buildings,
However there is now a groundswell of opinion amongst uk mp's who want to relax certain rules and requirements around vaping.

A report commissioned by the commons select committee has revealed that vaping is a stunning 95% safer than regular cigarettes, this is huge news and a confirmation of vapers have known all along.

Committee chairman Norman Lamb had this to say " Businesses, transportation and public places should stop viewing conventional cigarettes and E-cigarettes as the same, there is no public health rational for doing so". there has also been some speculation that E-cigarettes may soon be available on the NHS as a counter smoking measure.

Clearly this is a big step forward for the vaping community, another exciting change if the current laws were relaxed would be an end to the 10ml bottle rule and the 2ml limit on tank sizes.

The benefits of vaping rather than smoking cigarettes are numerous, there are some 600 ingredients in a cigarette and when burned can produce up to 7000 chemicals...(yes you read that right), at the very least 69 of these chemicals are known to cause cancer, ill name a few for you.

Carbon monoxide

Do those sound like things you would want in your lungs?, i think not.

now compare that list to the ingredients in e liquid

Nicotine (which is optional and you decide the strength)
propylene glycol     (which has been recognised as completely safe for use in food)
Vegetable glycerine ( again has been recognised as completely safe for use in the food industry)
flavourings              ( generally natural flavourings and artificial flavourings)

in the spirit of full disclosure there was a scare in the vaping community not too long ago withe the use of diacetyl used in buttery flavouring causing a condition known as popcorn lung. In the wake of that scare there arrived acetoin and acetyl which were subsequently shown to be able to convert themselves into diacetyl and the vaping community has worked tirelessly to eradicate such compounds in flavourings.

If i could offer my own experience with vaping, i was a twenty a day smoker since i was roughly thirteen, in adulthood i had the standard smokers cough and regular chest infections, i began vaping at age 37 and within a few weeks i had completely given up cigs my cough had gone and i have not had any chest infections in 3 years and i feel so much better for having quit smoking and taken up vaping

So there you have it with rules changes appearing on the horizon and an ever growing vaping community deciding to ditch the cigs the future of vaping just got a little less cloudy........wait ..thats a bad thing!!

Written by Julie smith for ELFC
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