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Why Vaping Really Matters

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Mon 28 Nov 2016

Mixing e liquid, building coils, blowing clouds and creating recipes is all good fun, but we often forget what brought us all to vaping in the first place: Quitting smoking.

Yes there is an increasing number of vapers who have never smoked, but the vast majority of people who regularly use e cigarettes are ex-smokers who have finally given up the habit after attempts with gum, patched, lozenges etc failed.

As the owner of ELFC, I was inspired to write this following a giveaway on the HomeBrew UK FaceBook group that we were sponsoring in which I asked a simple question: When Did You Quit Smoking?

This question was accompanied by a short paragraph explaining what brought me to vaping which read: “Back in 2012 I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that was directly related to smoking. That diagnosis had a massive impact on my life, and without vaping, I know I would be in a far worse situation than I am now”.

The response I got was a real insight into how vaping has had such a positive impact on people’s lives. Here are some of the answers my question received. No names, just initials have been used.


“After 20 years plus of smoking, finally had my last on November 25th last year, and not touched one since. I also now work part time in a vape shop helping people…..have found it very rewarding work.” BP

“I quit in January this year and haven’t looked back…..I have 4 kids and would like to see them grow up and have families of their own.” MH

“31st October 2014…..stopped overnight. And I didn’t even intend to stop, even though I had my first (and last) angina attack that year.” SA

“I quit in January 2013…..I quit for health reasons…..I was getting bronchitis and my health was getting worse…..So glad I stuck with it.” THB

“I quit 13 months ago when we found out that we were expecting our first child…..I had tried patches, gum etc. and they didn’t work so I thought I’d give vaping a go. Can honestly say I haven’t had one cigarette in all this time” DB

“I knew after 2 weeks of vaping that I would never touch a cigarette ever again.” LM

“I started vaping just over two years ago…..never felt better with myself after a few months.” DS

“Vaping made it easy to give up.” AM

“I quit last August. My better half told me the main thing she wanted for her birthday was for me to quit smoking. So 2 weeks later I did just that…..First time in 18 years I’ve managed to quit the habit.” DK

“I quit 18 months ago…..I’ve never had a chest infection since quitting. I used to get at least two a year!” JDT

“5 months ago….. Never looked back after 25 years of smoking.” CC

“After 25 years of smoking and most of my family dying of smoking related illnesses. The first time I vaped, I quit.” DF

“I quit May 2013 and only focussed as I had my son come into the world in September 2012. I was smoking heavily and knew I needed to stop for the sake of my health and the fact that I didn't want him growing up around me smoking and smelling of cigarettes.” DN

i quit in April after being told had diabetes big shock to the system so glad I did…..have not looked back.” LW

“ I wasn’t really a big cig smoker 3/4 actual ciggys a day but i hammered the spliffs .....the Mrs asked me to quit as it was important for my job . So i did….. vaping has become my substitute and i haven't looked back . Almost 1 year cig free & cannabis free.” LD

“Three and a half years ago my wife and kids took me up to Glencoe for a birthday treat and my breathing was so bad I couldn't even get out the car to have a walk around...I realised then that I was dying and that I had to do something…..Took to it like a duck to water and never looked back.” EB

These are just some of the comments we got about how vaping has helped smokers give up the habit. It serves as a real reminder of the great things this technology can do, and despite regulations and media scare stories, how important it is that e cigarettes can get into the hands of as many smokers as possible.


Written by:

Ashley Battye

Owner and manager at ELFC


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